Monday, 19 March 2012

THE CHASE - aka Bradley Walsh laughs at the word fanny for five series and one 'celebrity' special.

ITV's The Chase is a seemingly innocuous quiz show where clever people sit astride a scoreboard and look down, both literally and figuratively, on a team of hapless proles while casting merciless judgements on anything from the contestants' style to their stupidity. Sort of like Eggheads if Daphne was allowed to sit atop a ladder whilst being an Anne Robinson-esque bitch.

It's not like you can't already see the burning hatred behind her eyes. 

The aim of the game is to build up money by answering a quick fire round of questions before facing the Chaser who then chases contestants down a ladder of more questions - sadly figuratively, not literally this time. At the end, whoever makes it through to the last round then takes on the Chaser as a team and shares the money at the end if the Chaser is beaten, which almost never happens because the general public are obviously morons. 

Pearl, you idiot.

The Chase seems to have all the components of the nation's favourite quiz shows - The Weakest Link's cringe-inducing put downs, Deal or no Deal's gambling with large sums of money, Golden Balls' opportunity to screw over your team mates and Eggheads' team of smug know-it-alls that you love to hate: 

Just in case you don't hate this man already, I put it to you that he chose his own surname 'De Mooi' because it means 'the beautiful'. 

The Chasers comprise of Shaun Wallace:

A barrister with the imaginative nickname 'The Barrister', who should probably be putting his time to better use. 

Mark Labbett: 

Who looks like that bully off Power Rangers.

...and Miss Trunchbull: 

The whole shambolic affair is presided over by the jubilantly juvenile Bradley Walsh whom you will recognise from The Wheel of Fortune and Coronation Street. So, whom you will not recognise. 

Walsh presents the show with the devil-may-care attitude of someone who secretly suspects that no one is watching, and manages to perfectly pull off the persona of a drunk teenager in a sex education class. 

Par exemple, here is Bradley laughing at the name Fanny Chmelar:

...the word 'sausages':


...and 'fanny' again:

Although sometimes it's hard to tell whether he's laughing or crying in soul-crushing despair. 

Tune in next week for a celebrity special featuring modern luminaries such as that one off Coronation Street, Barry from Eastenders, some presenters who presumably missed out on the hosting position and Anne Widdecombe, for some reason. 

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